About Us

Basic information
Name of Company   Shih Chang Automation Co., Ltd
Amount of Capital   30 million NTD
Chairman of the Board   Johnson Jan
General Manager   Johnson Jan
Location of Company   No. 28, Dong Fu 1st St.,East Dist.,Taichung City401,        
Number of employees   20 people
Tel   04-2283-0909
Fax   04-2283-0707
The company's license File No.   00232390
Business registration number   22403604

Main products 
1.   Servo motor drive R & D and manufacturing.
2.   Servo Motor Automatic Control Device.
3.   Continue to develop all kinds of precision drive control rotary table, welcome the
    machinery manufacturers co-production.
4.   The above-mentioned research and development related accessories, 
    manufacture, sale.
Important experience
  The company was established in March 1987 in Taichung City, the company  
    specializes in the early days of machine tools, EDM, sales,maintenance and

  1989 joined DC servo motor drive development and manufacturing, and with the 
    United Kingdom SEM and Japan SANYO  motor of the servo motor is mainly sold
    in the match and EDM machine tools.
  1992, joined DC brushless servo motor drive development and manufacturing,       
    and with the UK SEM sales.
  In 1998, through the ISO 9002 certification and in 2004 passed ISO9001: 2000 
    quality certification.
  2007 moved to its current new factory on the east of Taichung city, operating area 
    of 1,000 square meters of product items have DC servo drives, AC servo drive and

  brushless DC servo motors made by SGS of the  CE certification.

  Early in 2011 began the development of dual-motor control gear backlash 
    dedicated drive controller, and has made a number of patents us8683891B2

  and Taiwan, mainland China and other US invention patent certificate in 2014.
Applicant patent case
Date Patent name Patent number Apply for state
January 2009 Elevating mechanism 201183196 China
March 2009 Mechanical counterweight control 201205660 China
March 2009 Biaxial gearing 201211623 China
May 2009 Servo turret positioning 201239811 China
November 2009 Chisel fit clutch device 201346707 China
November 2009 Horizontal machining mechanism 201346703 China
March 2011 Mechanical counterweight control 1338602 Taiwan
June 2011 Drivers and work directly transfer M405333 Taiwan
June 2011 Spindle drive 201881186U China
June 2012 Chisel face backlash adjustment 202274063U China
June 2012 Chisel face backlash adjustment M395083 Taiwan
June 2012 Adjustment Backlash 2022740634 China
September 2012 Continued holding fixture M436527 Taiwan
December 2012 Continued holding fixture 2552693 China
April 2013 Dual Motor Control M450911 Taiwan
April 2013 Dual Motor Control 2878469 China
October 2013 Backlash control 103375565A China
April 2014 Dual Motor Control US8683891B2 USA
January 2015 Backlash control I467102 Taiwan
July 2015 Backlash control M504892 Taiwan
February 2017 Driving device for turning fluid power to brake force  M537156 Taiwan